Holiday fashion advice from Rebekah Price / by Shop Accents

What do you love about Holiday Fashion? 

" I love experimenting with colour and trying new colour combinations. Such as my latest favourite light amethyst and padparadscha. Its very retro Missoni. "



What is one piece you would recommend for someone to wear to a holiday party? 

" I would definitely suggest the Saffron necklace. It is basically a two in one piece. Your getting a fabulous full choker look and a long row of Rivoli crystals underneath. All that glamour in one piece. "


What is your advice to people who want to try mixing?

" Just do it! Don't think twice and embrace and your adventure side that seeks to come out. " 

What piece is garenteed to make her smile on christmas day?   

" She will go crazy for my new paradise Rivoli. It's daring, confident, and evokes true fabulounes!"

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